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Through the leadership of Dr. Paulo V Cenas ,the Vice President for Research Extension and Innovation; Dr Larry Santos, Director of Research and Development Office; Prof Francis Albert Argente, Director for Extension Services Office; Dr Catalina Platon, Director for Innovation Support Office and Dr. Gilbert Moralista, Director for Gender and Development with the assistance of the REIGn center and unit heads.Β 

This weeklong celebration was a series of activities conducted to celebrate the PSUnians’ victories in the journey towards excellence. The REIGN week aims to direct on working smarter not harder to achieve outstanding outputs and to provide quality services to the stakeholders who has contributed to the realization of the of Pangasinan State University REIGN initiative.

In line with the celebration of the REIGN week, institutionalization of fare system of rewards and incentives are introduced. Hence, it also initiates the promotion of internal and external collaborations to uplift the quality of services of the university.Β  With industry 4.0, the Pangasinan State University as a Level IV institution will continuously improve the efficiency, flexibility, profitability, agility, and productivity of the university; because in PSU we believe that little improvements day by day will lead to remarkable results at the right time.