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PSU believes that education is a vehicle towards economic advancement and overall productivity. Given the right knowledge, skills and opportunity, man can rise above destitution and be a productive individual of the country. PSU promotes access to education to all aspiring students and assistance is given especially to those belonging to the 4Ps and marginalized sectors such as Person with Disabilities, Out of School Youth/ Alternative Learning System (ALS), Indigenous People (IPs) and Solo Parent to increase their chances of completing a degree. In line with this, Office of the Student and Alumni Affairs in cooperation with Admission and Guidance Services Unit will conduct an Orientation Program, Get ready to be a PSUnian: An Orientation for Marginalized Student Applicants on July 01, 2022 9:00AM-12:00 via Zoom and Facebook Live. This orientation will assist the student-applicants on how to go about with the process of admission and enrollment, the benefits accorded by the government to students of state universities, and other opportunities that they may experience and enjoy being a PSUnian. 4Ps Students and identified marginalized sectors, may register in this link to join the orientation: https://forms.gle/hcyjDsaTZWaPn4kZ9