Dr. Marciano Cantor Jr. Infirmary

The PSU Infirmary was named after the late Dr. Marciano P. Cantor Jr. – the former University Physician and Head of the Medical – Dental Services Unit of the university from 1979 – 2015. The edifice is situated at the main campus in Lingayen, Pangasinan nestled between the Science Laboratory and OUS Building.

The infirmary is manned by the University Physician, University Dentist, University Nurse, Dental Aide, and Administrative Aide under the supervision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Additional two Campus Nurses under the supervision of the Campus Executive Director of Lingayen also serve as support staff. The University Medical-Dental Services aim to provide quality medical and dental services to students and employees ensuring best health through regular consultation and treatment.

At the forefront in the midst the pandemic, the University Clinic upholds its objective to continuously offer access to quality health service to its clients by strictly following health protocols and launching Online Access to various stakeholders.


The PSU Infirmary/Clinic has a receiving or information area and a treatment room where treatment of minor injuries and physical examination are done. It also has a four bed capacity observation room for cases that need monitoring. It has a dental clinic for dental consultation and also has a conference area where meetings of the unit (planning, meeting with other offices) are held.


Medical services include:

    • Medical consultation
    • Medical clearance for pre employment and OJT students in the university
    • Medical screening for athletes prior to athletic events
    • Treatment of minor illnesses and wounds
    • Height and weight monitoring
    • BP monitoring
    • CBG monitoring
    • Nebulization

Dental Services include:

    • Dental consultation and treatment
    • Dental prophylaxis
    • Tooth extraction
    • Dental clearance

The clinic is open from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5pm and may extend its office hours as the need arises.

Free Flu Vaccination for PSU Employees

Aside from observing safety protocols, in support of our employees in this time of pandemic, and as part of the university’s advocacy to safeguard people’s welfare and to cater to their needs by ensuring the health of all its employees, the PSU administration thru the Medical-Dental Unit, conducted a free flu vaccination to all PSU teaching and non-teaching employees on October 12, 2020. Flu vaccination will help protect our body from flu which is as fatal as COVID 19.