The Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center, located beside the PSU Lingayen West Campus, was built to host different kinds of sports events including the Milo Olympics and the Palarong Pambansa. It is also used as an evacuation center for everyone in need of the place most especially those who are nearby.

Pangasinan State University is privileged to utilize its swimming pool, volleyball court, and rubberized athletics track oval for the benefit of the students and employees.

25 m (82ft) mini-Olympic Swimming Pool

Pangasinan State University makes use of the 25m (82ft) mini-olympic swimming pool at the NRSCC to encourage students to try this sport which is believed to be of great help in improving their mental state of the students.

Rubberized Athletics Track Oval

In holding big events like Intramurals, the rubberized athletic track oval of Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center is equipped by the PSUnians. The track and field event not only aid in maintaining healthy body weight and enhances endurance but also reduce anxiety and depression which is common to college students nowadays.
Volleyball Court

Alternative to the Volleyball Court of Pangasinan State University is the Volleyball Court located at Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center, having the same purpose and benefits for both the students and employees.

Basketball Court

The basketball court of the Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center is adapted space by Pangasinan State University for basketball games with wider audiences. It is commonly used in campus-wide, university-wide and regional athletic meets.

Covered Court

The university uses the covered court of Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center for various indoor sports such as basketball, sepak takraw, volleyball and other feasible games in closed doors. It is also used for game practices by students and employees.


The open field located at the center of the PSU Lingayen-Main grounds covering a land area of 9,216 sqm was fully functional since the first operation of PSU on July 01, 1979. Football, baseball, softball, and all other throwing events are executed at the open field for these are rigorous games requiring a wide range of land area. The open field is a circle for the development of every student’s physical, social, and mental health.

Beach Volleyball Court

For a more challenging and enjoyable game, PSU decided to put up 360 sqm for the beach volleyball court last 2015. This is also located within the grounds of the open field just beside the volleyball court. Beach volleyball helps improve the students’ interpersonal skills and mental health.

ROTC Training Ground

Having been in the same location as the open field, the ROTC Training Ground was set up to provide military training to students in order to encourage, educate, coordinate, and prepare them for national defense.

Volleyball Court

Occupying 360 sqm of the open field, the volleyball court was constructed in 2014 to provide students an area for a quality game experience. Playing volleyball is not only a game for endurance but also develops teamwork and good communication which is a great social activity.


The wellness center is located in between the Dr. Telesforo N. Boquiren Convention Hall and the old Education Building. Not only the students benefit from the wellness center but also the employees of Pangasinan State University. Considering the well-being of the whole PSU community, the center offers different kinds of gym equipment with a dance studio mirror.