Green Open Space
The University’s green open spaces in every campus offer an essential environment for daily routines of living, working and learning for faculty, staff and students. It provides a soothing learning environment conducive for concentration and relieving anxieties. It becomes an important health resource on campus for the PSU community. The green open spaces serve as recreational areas for students, faculty and employees and enhances the beauty and environmental quality of PSU campuses.


On March 16, 2021, university officials have graced the Kalachuchi Flower (Plumeria Rubra) cultivation at the adaxial part of the PSU SCC Campus Administrative Building for the #ProjectBloom (Kalachuchi Legacy Garden) of DRB.

Cogitatively, apart from its fragrance, the Kalachuchi plant embodies the ideals of University President Dexter R. Buted, representing Devotion which expresses deep love and loyalty; Resilience as the plant that produces plumeria flower blooms even after it has been uprooted; and Buoyancy displaying an optimistic and cheerful disposition.