Performance Management
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Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) is a set of processes for establishing a shared understanding of WHAT will be achieved, HOW it will be achieved and MANAGING people in a way to increase the probability of realizing/achieving results. SPMS is a mechanism to address the demand to produce tangible outputs.


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The Project Heroes Quest is an innovative system of personnel performance efficiency program that encourages all PSU offices to exceed performance of their objectives through collective accomplishments. It aims to promote and recognize efforts of successful collaborations within the organization.


• Operationally termed as OFFICE, each Campus and Division is highly instructed to declare their monthly performance accomplishments, programs and or activities by submitting reports thru the Project Heroes’ Quest portal.

• Through the four main HERO Categories: Harmony, Elements, Radiance, Omnipotence, the Office can select sub-category relative to the subject of its report. A project completion report form will appear and should be filled out with entries and required attachments.

• Submission of reports should be within the timeframe given. All reports shall be validated by the Project Heroes Quest Committee and corresponding efficiency points will be given to the reporting Office based on the Matrix of Efficiency Points.

• Should there be inconsistencies in the report and attachments, the Project Heroes Quest Committee shall require additional evidences relative to the report for it to be considered for pointing.

• All points garnered by the reporting Office will be reflected in the Project Heroes Quest Dashboard and will be announced during the Monthly Recognition Program. Offices who garnered at least minimum efficiency points for the month will be awarded with certificate, varying on the level of its efficiency.

• While those Offices without efficiency points or who failed to meet the minimum efficiency points, will be subjected to implement community outreach based on the approved Extension Program of the University

• At the end of every fiscal year, Offices with accumulated maximum efficiency points and ratings shall be recognized in the University Awards Convocation Program.


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Empowering workforce through building capabilities and creating a culture of appreciation to realize full potentials

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Encouraging innovation towards continuous improvement of university performance that would create impact to the community

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