Research Publications

WoS & Scopus-indexed Publications


Acceptability and Technical Feasibility of an Electrical Wiring Installation Trainer
Bibliometric Analysis of Publications on Nuclear Science and Technology of the Philippines from 1956 to 2020
Cognition toward the Mother Tongue, Attitude toward English, Chavacano, and Filipino: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach with Bootstrap Analysis
Correlates of Science Education and Self-Efficacy Towards Fisheries Technology as Basis for Online Learning Policy
Classroom Management Practices Employed by Pangasinan State University Faculty
Comparative Livelihood Performance of Volvariella Volvacea Using Alternative Agricultural Techniques During Pandemic
Correlates of Working Conditions, Job Stress and Coping Mechanisms Among Working Mothers in an Urban Environment
Cryopreservation of Boar Semen by Vitrification
Development, Design and Acceptability of Proposed Business Application for Music Artist in one ASEAN Country
Development of an Online Printing Press Production and Sales Management System Using Software Engineering Workbenches
Educator’s Competencies on the Application of Technological Tools in Teaching
Exploratory Analysis of Factors Influencing Engineers to Teach at the Philippine State Universities in Ilocos Region
Global Initiatives and Government Efforts in Poverty Reduction in the Philippines: A Review
Integrating Business English Communication in the Contextualized Teaching of an ESL Graduate Course
Performance Efficiency of the Teacher Educations Programs of a State University in the Philippines: A Data Envelopment Analysis Study
Post-Evaluative Insights Among Filipino Engineering Students On Alignment, Spirality, Strand and Awards (ASSA) In K To 12 ImplementationBook
Rhetorical Organization of Ilocano and Tagalog Pre-Service Teachers in their Argumentative Essays
Senior High School Students’ Engagement and Readiness in Elearning Environment: Basis for a Proposed Online Learning Environment Model
Senior High School Teachers’ Practices and Readiness In Blended Learning Environment: Basis for a Blended Learning Preparedness Framework
Sentiment Analysis of Filipinos and Effects of Extreme Community Quarantine Due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic
Shelf-life prediction for Indian mango roll using accelerated shelf-life testing (ASLT) shelf-life plot approach
Teratogenic Activity of Corn Fungus in Bioassay Via Duck Embryos as Test Media
The Implementation of Field Study Courses of the Teacher Education Program Among State Universities and Colleges in the Philippines
The Implementation of Pantawid Pamilya in a Performing Province in the Philippines as Basis for Policy on Poverty Reduction Mechanisms
The Shift towards New Teaching Modality: Examining the Attitude and Technological Competence among Language Teachers teaching Filipino
Woman-Leaders in State Universities and Colleges in the Province of Pangasinan, Philippines


A Gender Study on the Effects of the ”High Five Game” on the Math Learning Performance of Children
Analysis of Students Performance: Input to Program Enhancement of Students in Computing
Construct Validity and Difficulty Index of Departmentalized Reading Comprehension Test for Grade 11 Students
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) on Community Adaptation Strategies of Men and Women of Pangasinan, Philippines
Difficulties in English Writing Skills of Sophomore College Students
Disaster Preparedness and Readiness of an Institution in one ASEAN Country
Dominance Construction in Monologic Political Discourse Based on Selected Public Speeches of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
Effect of Home Support Program in English Proficiency for Preschool Learners in Thailand
Feature Selection for Job Matching Application using Profile Matching Model
Filtering of Faded Coffee Beans Using Image Processing
Gamification in the Teaching Process in International Schools in Bangkok, Thailand
Grammatical Errors in the Business Correspondence
Image Processing of Clean and Dirty Dishes to Design and Construct a Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher
Impact of English Language Courses and English Proficiency on Academic Performance of Junior Business Administrators
Playing with the Senses: Application of Box-behnken Design to Optimize the Bukayo Formulation
Plotting a Healthy Apiary Location using WebGIS
Research-Related Issues and Problems Among Male and Female Postgraduate Students Filtering of Faded Coffee Beans using Image Processing
Sociolinguistic Competence of Foreign National College Students
The Impact of an Intelligent Tutoring System in Programming: A Case Study in Improving Academic Performance of Student in Tertiary Education
The Design of Virtual Learning Environment: A Case from Pangasinan State University, Open University Systems
The Sentiments of Philippines’ Underground Artist and Technology Intervention
UNSIGNEDPH Music Lounge: Promoting Unsigned Artist Thru Online Music Distribution Portal
Usability of KITIKIT: A Mobile-based App for Implementing Customizable Online Product Ordering

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