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Faculty and staff of Pangasinan State University Asingan Campus were all encouraged to prepare their own Moringa recipes as part of the research “101 Ways to Prepare Moringa Dishes” that was conducted from April to December 2021. The specific research activity is in support of the university’s priority projects

The team used fresh moringa leaves and the produced moringa powder in preparing various dishes. On April 7, 2021, the team started to develop the standard recipe of Moringa pancake using the powdered moringa and fresh moringa leaves. Carrot moringa bread, Fishball, moringa and Almondigas Moringa were all cooked and tasted by the faculty and staff on May 14, 2021. Malungay Steamed Cake, Moringa Muffin, and Lengua de Moringa were also prepared.

On July 21, 2021, the team prepared the moringa oatmeal cookies,choco-moringa crinkles, stew native chicken with moringa, pancit with Malunggay, and Arrozcaldo with Malungay. Another set of dishes were prepared on the following month which includes Dinengdeng, sauteed tapa with malunggay leaves, stewed mushroom with malunggay leaves, chicken teriyaki with malunggay, moringa chiffon cake, pinakbet with malunggay and beef bulalo with malunggay. Moringa cheese roll using moringa wrapper, and moringa granula bars were cooked on November 2, 2021.