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The administration acknowledges the integral role of utility personnel in providing quality service delivery to our stakeholders. As such, the Office of the Vice President for Administration led by Dr. Maria Corazon B. Puzon together with Dr. Narciso F. Castro, Director for General Services designed a training and workshop solely intended for them. 

The said training and workshop took place at T.N. Boquiren Convention Hall, PSU Lingayen on February 17. Present at the said event were the utility personnel of the University and Dr. Claro S. Sison Jr., Head for Facilities and Maintenance of the University.

The topics discussed during the training and workshop include housekeeping, personality development and work ethics. Mr. Senando Evangelista and Mr. Billy T. Festijo, faculty members of the College of Hospitality Management of PSU Lingayen Campus served as resource speakers of the said event. 

Utility Workers are responsible for cleaning and maintaining University premises and equipment. Their job is to maintain the upkeep of company facilities, repair broken equipment, inspect finished projects, and comply with health and safety regulations.