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To keep students abreast of the relevant information, guidelines and policies of Pangasinan State University, concerned academic officials from various Divisions and student representatives brainstormed for the updated version of the Student Handbook.

The 2023 edition of the Student Handbook comes in handy as PSUnians navigate through their college life inside and outside the Campus. It serves as a guide to help them understand the many opportunities and services that are made available to assist them.

The Office of the Vice-President for Academic and Student Affairs led by Dr. Manolito C. Manuel, said the revised edition presents articles, sections and subsections for easy references and are substantiated with appendices that specifically address the complexities of pandemic and post-pandemic mode of learning.

Prof. Celeste Mercado, the Director for Student and Alumni Affairs, presented the timeline and groupings of officials and student leaders who will work on the revision of the manuscript.

The revised edition is expected to be out before the start of Academic Year 2023-2024.