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Geared towards gaining fundamental knowledge and skills in the new normal of education, a University-Wide10-day Webinar-Workshop on the use of different learning modalities for practice teaching was conducted on February 22 – March 4, 2021 via zoom.

Spearheaded by Prof. Mitzy M. Macaraeg, Head for Practice Teaching and Review Center and other Campus Officials, the said webinar-workshop series aims to equip practice teachers before they set off with their actual teaching at the PSU Integrated Schools. 

The said event commenced on February 22 with the election of officers of the Integrated StudentTeachers Organization, and immediately followed by a webinar-workshop on the use of various Learning Management Systems (LMS) with focus in Google Suite (GSuite). 

Throughout the webinar series, practice teachers will explore the integral components of practice teaching suited for online instruction. Among its salient features constitute: the use of multiple online modalities for both synchronous (navigation of Google Meet and Zoom) and asynchronous (navigation of GSuite); Phases of Practice Teaching; Online Netiquettes; Methods and Strategies in Online Teaching; Development of Online Assessment and use of IS utilized apps; Multiple intelligences & Holistic Development of Learners; Lesson planning integrating MI; The 7E Model in Designing Lesson Plan; Classroom-based Action Research; Accomplishing School Forms; Building ePortfolio; Discussion on Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs) for elementary and Junior High School; Alignment of MELCs to the prepared LP. 

Topics for the webinar series were thoroughly selected to comprehensively address the needed competencies and prevailing concerns of practice teachers.