ICT Management Office

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Alvear St., Poblacion, Lingayen, 2401 Pangasinan



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Monday – Friday

8:00 AM -5:00 PM

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Functional Organization

Duties and Responsibilities

Projects and Activities

Through its hardware, software, and network units, the Management Information Systems Office is dedicated to continuously sustaining the delivery of excellent services to the stakeholders. This is done by utilizing updated and accepted information and communications technology, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions, and minimizing the office’s operations’ negative environmental impact.


  • Generate reports required for decision-making, budgeting, and the development of educational plans and projects.
  • Implement office automation technologies to assist with a variety of office tasks that enhance communications and workflow (paperless transactions) while protecting data security and integrity;
  • Identify and fix network-connected workstation and server problems to minimize downtime for data delivery to units and offices;
  • Maintain constant website accessibility to ensure that all users can access the university’s programs and activities.


Using cutting-edge information technology, to serve as the hub of the university’s information system by creating, ensuring, and maintaining a quality and useable database for operations, policy creation, and decision making.


  • Implement office automation tools to assist with a variety of administrative tasks that enhance workflow and communications across units/offices and maintain continuous online connectivity to ensure global access to university programs and activities;
  • ICT equipment connected to the network is maintained, and the university’s main computer network is managed.


Dr. Julius Cesar O. Mamaril
Director, Information and Communication Technology Management Office

Engr. Jerry C. Diaz
Deputy Director / Head, Network, Maintenance and Technical Unit

Dr. Clark Kim C. Castro
Head, System Administration and Support Service
Mr. Leo Gabriel V. Villanueva
Head, Data Management and Web Administrator

Mr. Marino Bartolome
PSU Alaminos, ICTMO Coordinator

Mr. Xander L. Faustino
PSU Asingan,
ICTMO Coordinator
Dr. Ghana L. Cahatol
PSU Bayambang, ICTMO Coordinator

Mr. Ricardo A. De Guzman
PSU Binmaley, ICTMO Coordinator

Mr. Wendell A. Alferez
PSU Infanta,
ICTMO Coordinator

Mr. Ferdinand Mata
PSU Lingayen,
ICTMO Coordinator

Mr. Jose Carlo Gamboa
PSU San Carlos, ICTMO Coordinator

Mr. Mark Gil M. Sampaga
PSU Sta Maria, ICTMO Coordinator
Mr. Rhenel R. Bernisca
PSU Urdaneta,
ICTMO Coordinator

Dr, Julius Cesar O. Mamaril
ICTMO Coordinator

Mr. Leo Gabriel V. Villanueva
ICTMO Coordinator

Mr. Brayan Roy S. Inacay

Ms. May Ann Bruan
Ms. Karen T. Palma
Mrs. Debbie B. Mendegorin


Duties of the ICT Management Office Director

    1. Oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of the activities of the office;
    2. Initiate the crafting of the Five Year Information and Communication Technology Strategic Plan;
    3. Coordinate with other agencies on the new trends in ICTMO;
    4. Disseminate ICTMO innovations and new information to the University;
    5. Monitor and evaluate the performance of the staff;
    6. Coordinate with other units of the University for their ICTMO needs;
    7. Prepare the Annual Procurement Plan/PPMP of the office; and
    8. Request of budget for the ICTMC with appropriate justification; once budget is approved, Maintain and monitor.
    9. Does other functions as required by higher University authorities.

Duties of the ICT Management Office Deputy Director

    1. Provides support to the Director to ensure that the ICTMC achieves its objectives and creates an environment that promotes staff commitment to the achievement of the university’s vision, mission, and goals.
    2. In-charged in the supervision of the Operations and management of ICTMO and staff.
    3. Responsible for the supervision and performance evaluation of staff; for the coordination of subordinate activities with the different heads and for insuring the consistency of goals, policies, technical and administrative procedures and management direction.
    4. Assist in Overseeing the planning, implementation and evaluation of the activities of the Center.
    5. Provide training in the use of ICT Technology, LMS and techniques to be use in the ICT Operations.
    6. Advise and coordinate with the different Offices and Campuses on the completion and Operations of ICTMC requirements, Data, Learning, Technical, support services and other standards needed efficient and effective ICT Operations and Quality delivery of Instructions in the entire University Systems.
    7. Respond to employees and students ICT concerns and seek resolution at the Office level.

Duties of Head, System Administration and Support Service

    1. Provide overall ICT System administration and support services in the university and its campuses.
    2. Responsible for ensuring reliable local communications and connectivity from different offices in the university and all campuses.
    3. Support in the adoption and roll out of any new technology required to implement program activities in the university
    4. In-charged with installing, supporting, and maintaining servers or other computer systems, and planning for and responding to service outages and other problems.
    5. Integrate and configure computer networking for best performance;
    6. Troubleshoot and repair of hardware, operating systems and applications;
    7. Conduct electrical safety checks on computer equipment;
    8. Enhance office IT system through appropriate upgrades and advise Operations Unit on changes or improvements required;
    9. Help install and support of all ICT hardware and software;

Duties of Head, Network, Maintenance and Technical Unit

    1. Create and enforce policies, rules and procedures for effective network and computer maintenance and technical support services.
    2. Monitor, check and analyze network performance report of the offices and campuses.
    3. Establish a stable network structure for the offices and campuses.
    4. Monitor maintenance and technical support services of the unit
    5. Evaluate job performance of its employees.
    6. Assure clients with standard and quality service performance
    7. Repairs serviceable IT equipment.
    8. Administer and manage the organisation’s local area network
    9. Setup the organisation’s network system
    10. Interconnect users
    11. Secure the network from unwanted and unauthorised users
    12. Troubleshoot network problems
    13. Administer the daily operation of the network system
    14. Plan and recommend periodic upgrades and improvements
    15. Maintains internet and networking connection.
    16. Install, configure and maintain information system
    17. Troubleshoot common system error
    18. Setup back-up and recovery procedures
    19. Formulate problem-handling processes

Duties of Head, Data Management and Web Administrator

    1. Create and enforce policies for effective innovation and data management unit.
    2. Formulate techniques for quality data collection to ensure adequacy, accuracy and legitimacy of data
    3. Devise and implement efficient and secure procedures for data handling and analysis with attention to all technical aspects
    4. Establish rules and procedures implementing Data Privacy Act policies
    5. Performs data analysis for the collected data under ICTMC processes.
    6. Monitor and analyze information and data systems and evaluate their performance to discover ways of enhancing them (new technologies, upgrades etc.)
    7. Ensures data security for the data collected.
    8. Troubleshoot data-related problems and authorize maintenance or modifications.
    9. Monitor and evaluate the employee performance under its unit.
    10. Monitor, check and analyze website performance report of the main and campuses
    11. Troubleshoot common system error for the websites
    12. Setup back-up and recovery procedures
    13. Secure the websites from unwanted and unauthorised users

Duties of ICTMO Coordinator

    1. Responsible for the day to day supervision of the student’ Admissions and Curriculum based on the operation of the University online system via Quick Campus ++.
    2. Responsible for the day to day management and maintenance of academic management system (Quick Campus ++) Acquired from DATAMOBILITY CORP.
    3. Provision of technical services on the repair/troubleshooting of existing computer resources in assigned campus, and
    4. Coordinate and report MIS operational issues and concerns to the MIS AREA Head Cluster
    5. Rendering other computer services to each department in the assigned campus.
    6. Maintenance of respective campus MIS Infrastructures and equipment. E.g. I-gate server, Computers, routers etc.
    7. Records keeping of Cloud system’s file communications and their respective campus
    8. Receive and disseminate communication to the area of concerns in their respective campus
    9. Attend MIS meetings or workshops


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