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Today Dr. Julius Mamaril, ICTMO Director, and Prof. Leo Gabriel Villanueva, Head of Information Systems Attended the
,”Cyberbayanihan 3.0: Safeguarding Tomorrow’s Mind” seminar hosted by SYNETCOM Philippines Inc. as part of the Cybersafe Campus Initiative.

Held at SEDA VERTIS NORTH on February 13, 2024, from 9AM to 5PM, the event was packed with valuable insights on Network Infrastructure technology, Network Security, Products, Services and Cybersecurity info.

🎤 A highlight of the seminar was the keynote address by Mr. Dietrich Benjes, Vice-President for APAC at Efficient IP. His talk on Network Infrastructure Security shed light on the urgent need to address the escalating cyber attacks, with a special focus on DNS as a prime target. Learning how to leverage DNS data for adaptive DNS security was truly eye-opening.

The 2nd speaker :Mr Jubert Dimapilis,Rujie Netword Engineer, talks about the different Ruijie products, Capabilities, and Setups and installations of those equipment and devices.

The 3rd Speaker: Mr Reggie Biorja, Regional Account Manager, Palo Alto Networks. Talks on ZERO TRUST -A strategic approach to Cybersecurity that secures an organizations by eliminating implicit trust and continously validating every stage of a digital interaction.

Mr. Lyndon Villas as our 4th speaker. He delved into the proposed setup and installation of Synetcom Total Integrated Cyber Security Solutions [STICSS], offering invaluable insights into cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

LASTLY, Mr. Dennis Luyahan, President/CEO of Synetcom Philippines, shared the fascinating origin story of our company. Discover the journey behind Synetcom .

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