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Cognizant of the power of communication, the Pangasinan State University partners with members of the Pangasinan media to help intensify the dissemination of vital information that the community needs to know.

Media personalities from the radio, print, television and social media visited the PSU on Monday and were apprised of the highlights of accomplishments of the University particularly with improvements done within the last eight years, as well as future plans.

PSU’s top management led by University President Dr. Dexter R. Buted, together with the five Vice-Presidents: Dr. Paulo V. Cenas (Research and Extension), Dr . Manolito C. Manuel (Academic and Student Affairs), Dr. Marcelo C. Gutierrez (Quality Assurance), Dr, Elbert M. Galas (Administration and Linkages) and Dr. Maria Corazon B. Puzon (Planning and Finance), faced the media sector and responded to their queries.

Dr. Elbert Galas welcomed the members of the media saying the presentation of the developments, various activities and programs that PSU Is undertaking is part of the university core values of accountability and integrity.

“Your role as purveyors of truth and correct information is something that we all need especially in this time of disinformation and fake news,” Dr. Galas said.

University President Dr. Dexter R. Buted conveyed his gratitude to the media for upholding media ethics in delivering information as he presented a video package of the achievements and developments of the university as well as the status of the nine campuses of PSU.

Dr. Buted started to tackle Resolution No. 505 series of 2016 which imposed on him the persona non grata status six years ago. He continued to give his reaction on Resolution No. 607 series of 2022, which was filed by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan on July 18, 2022, lifting the negative tag.

The university leader, who is now on the last year of his second term, thanked Governor Ramon Guico III and the new set of provincial board members for recalling the resolution.

“The Resolution states that establishing good working relationship with all government agencies in Pangasinan including the Pangasinan State University is a key towards attaining socio-economic growth and development of the province. The convergence of the Province of Pangasinan and PSU would bring an ideal environment aimed at forging partnership for the betterment of the two institutions,” Dr. Buted said.

“Now, there are a lot of things that can be done with the provincial government and the municipal and city government that could benefit our employees and students,” he added.

PSU and the Provincial Government of Pangasinan will be signing a memorandum of agreement soon for the different programs and projects regarding research, community extension program, scholarships, use of facilities and the gender and development programs.

The press conference also centered on new collaborations and projects, full-blown face-to-face classes, AKKBAY out-of-school youth program, Golden Lion Hotel, campus radio station, status of the nine campuses of the university and plans for the following year.

The activity ended with a closing message from Vice President Corazon Puzon who expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to interact and provide relevant information to the press.

“Through our commitment, passion and dynamic relationship with each other, we know that this will lead us to what our visionary president envisioned PSU to become seven years ago and continue its glory years for the bright future of our students, employees and stakeholders, “ Dr. Puzon said.

The PSU Community extends its gratitude to the members of the media who continue to connect with people to deliver the accurate and pertinent information for the benefit and advancement of the education sector.