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Ensuring the progress of all extension projects across the nine campuses of Pangasinan State University, the PSU Research Team conducted a meeting on May 4 held at the conference room of Asingan Campus.

Dr. Razeale G. Resultay, the Vice-President for Research, Extension, Innovation and Gender and Development (REIGn) tackled updates on the status of the extension projects in the area, collaboration from partner agencies and schedules of extension activities.

Attendees of the meeting were the Campus Executive Director of Asingan Campus Dr. Rosario DL. Valencerina, Research coordinator Dr. Rodelio M. Garin, Extension coordinator Dr. Adoracion Gante, Centerheads from the REIGn Division Dr. Honelly Mae Casculan and Dr. Gloria Ducut.

PSU President Dr. Elbert M. Galas acknowledges the endeavors of individuals, units and divisions in promoting holistic and innovative transformation at the University, with a focus on providing excellent service delivery.