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Strengthening extension capabilities is generally accepted as one of the main challenges facing Philippine State Universities and Colleges. The creation of robust, clear, accountable and reliable pool of faculty extension workforce must be a vital concern. The Pangasinan State University Extension Services must go beyond technology transfer and must include helping clienteles form groups, deal with marketing issues, and partner with a broad range of service providers and other agencies. It is important for PSU to seek the assistance of experts to upgrade the capabilities of its extensionists. It is imperative for PSU extensionists to be exposed with various concepts of community extension to improve the quality of their services. Series of webinars on community extension is necessary to acquire new knowledge and skills needed to upgrade extension capabilities. Hence, this webinar series was conducted. The webinar series was held last April 6-7, 2021 (2:00 – 4:00 PM) via Zoom platform. Webinar on Community Organizing (C.O.) commenced on Day 1 of the series. Associate Professor JORGE S. EBAY from the University of the Philippines Visayas served as Reseource Speaker on C.O. During the webinar, the resource speaker discuss the processes in community organizing. He also shared his experiences in the field. An open forum was held after the lecture where PSU participants actively participated. On the second day, Director FEL CEASAR CADIZ of RARE Philippines facilitated the webinar on Training Needs Assessment (TNA). Dir. Cadiz discussed the processes that has to be observed in the conduct of the TNA. He also shared their experiences in RARE Philippines. A total of 80 registered participants joined the two-day online activity. The webinars were also live streamed on the Facebook Page of the OVPREI.