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Pangasinan State University – Urdaneta City Campus was invited to participate in the virtual webinar on Alternative Fuels Program by the Department of Luzon Field Office (DOE LFO) on November 10, 2020.  

With the devastating impact brought about by the worsening conditions of global warming, DOE introduced their initiatives and current development on alternative fuels that should be applied in the Philippines.  

University President Dr. Dexter Buted cited some importance of imparting renewable energy in the country. In his welcome speech, Dr. Buted said, “Our sources of energy are finite and I think, we need to be more conscious of our activities that could lead to unnecessary use of energy.” 

Dr. Buted also emphasized that reducing our Carbon Footprint would greatly contribute to lessen decrease the exacerbating problem on global warming. (PSU Echoes, Vol XX No.2). 

Campus Executive Director for Urdaneta City Campus Dr. Honorario Cascolan conveyed a partisan message to end the successful program. 

As an institution known for its excellence and environmental responsiveness, PSU is in fullsupport on the continuous search for alternative resources and innovative solutions on lessening the carbon footprint in the planet. (PSU Echoes, Vol XX No.2).