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The Higher Education Sector will receive a revitalized boost as it remains to be one of the top priorities of the new provincial government administration.

During the inauguration of Governor Ramon โ€˜Mon-Monโ€™ Guico III at the Sison Auditorium in Lingayen town on June 29, the new provincial chief executive underscored the strengthening of basic education program and the institutionalization of the scholarship program.

โ€œLet us use all available government educational institutions such as the Pangasinan State University and the local colleges and universities. Let us partner with them. Let us strengthen our ties with them. Let us complement with them. Our goal is to make quality basic secondary and tertiary education accessible to all Pangasinenses,โ€ Guico remarked.

Meanwhile, PSU President Dr. Dexter R. Buted welcomed the strengthening of ties and committed full support to the academic powerhouse that advances knowledge and education for the greater good.

The PSU Community congratulates the new set of provincial officials who took their oath of office on Wednesday.