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The Pangasinan State University, through the Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension, Innovation and Gender and Development (REIGn), conducted a training workshop on Impact Assessment Strategies held on May 9 at the De Venecia Information Technology Center – PSU Library.

Impact assessment is a critical tool for evaluating the effectiveness of interventions, ensuring that resources are being used efficiently and effectively, understanding how certain organization’s work affects the communities it serves, and identifying areas of improvement.

PSU President Dr. Elbert M. Galas stated that the training workshop will provide PSUnians with a better understanding of the significance of impact assessment in planning, managing, and implementing programs and projects at the University.

“As community developers, it is important that we prioritize extension projects that promote effective research-based programs aimed at improving the lives of communities. In addition, we should also ensure that we assess the indicators or impacts of a project to determine its success. Palakasin natin ang extension projects ng University,” Pres. Galas added.

A range of impact assessment strategies and techniques, including quantitative and qualitative approaches were laid out as some of the objectives of the training workshop. The participants were then provided with the knowledge and skills they need to design and implement impact assessments effectively.

The Head for Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Initiated Quality Assurance in the University, Dr. Ethel Reyes-Chua served as the keynote speaker and the facilitator for the training workshop.

“Impact Assessment indicates whether a mission is relevant. It is an effective instrument for communication. Because there are no established procedures, it is challenging and exciting. However, everyone should have: honesty, openness, and transparency. The main focus is the BENEFICIARY. Flexibility in meeting their needs is essential. IA is possible if we are willing to embrace change because at PSU, we learn as one,” Dr. Chua said.

Dr. Razaele G. Resultay, the Vice President for REIGn, welcomed the participants and served as a panel member, along with Dr. Randy Joy Ventayen, the Director of the Research Development Office, in the presentation of the outputs.

The participants of the event were center heads and directors from the REIGn Division, extensionists from the University’s nine campuses, and faculty coordinators.