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Giving a leg up to PSUnian job-seekers, the Pangasinan State University – Admission and Guidance Office held a job fair on May 31, 2022, at the Dr. Telesforo N. Boquiren Convention Hall.

In collaboration with various industry partners, Job Fair 2022 provided an avenue for hundreds of soon-to-be graduates, alumni, and other stakeholders to jumpstart their career journey and find suitable employment in their respective fields.

Among the companies that participated were: Tipco Estates Corporation (TECO); Sutherland Global Services; Tarlac A+ Lending Co., Inc.; Staff Search Asia Service Cooperative; Sheridan Marketing Inc.; RDF Feed, Livestock, and Foods, Inc.; Pronto Distributor Marketing Services, Inc.; Progressive Wireless Communication (Wow Mobile Center); Prasad Seeds Philippines, Inc.; Polaris Language Center, Inc.; Option Plus Services and Trading Corp.; Magnapeak Services Corp.; Multiply Paper Ventures, Inc.; Maxim De Humana International, Inc.; Human Resource Specialist, Inc. (HRSI); Field Outsource Asia; Escuela De Nuestra Señora De La Salette; BHF Multi Gab, Inc.; Starman Enterprises, Inc.

Prior to the fair, the job aspirants also attended a virtual career readiness workshop hosted by A & G Office with Accenture’s Jem Arenas, HR Talent Fulfillment Analyst, on May 30, which featured topics on the S2S (Skills to Succeed) Academy, acing an interview, creating a resume, and navigating the career portal.

PSU prides itself on having industry-ready programs that prepare graduates for the demands of the real world, bolstered by the continuous services of the institution for a seamless transition from campus life to the workforce.

As echoed by University President, Dr. Dexter R. Buted, “Amidst this pandemic, PSU is here to assist you not only upon your entrance in PSU but also towards seeking your employment- and this is the process called E to E from ENROLMENT to your EMPLOYMENT.”