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Unlocking greater opportunities for growth and partnership in the field of Research Development, Pangasinan State University hosted a benchmarking activity with the President Ramon Magsaysay State University (PRMSU) on June 21, 2022 in its main campus. The meeting of minds was forged to pick up PSU’s best practices for challenges in relation to research development, extension, innovation services and gender and development (REIGn) processes. PSU Vice-President for REIGn Dr. Paulo Cenas, welcomed his fellow government employees from PRMSU- Zambales province and encouraged them to be inspired and motivated by the love for Research. “The successful concepts, best practices, promising accomplishments and the number of accolades we received serve as PSU’s stepping stones to achieve greater heights in Research Development,” Dr. Cenas said. He also opened possible collaboration with PRMSU especially in research works involving the Salt Industry. Questions from the open forum centered on internal and external funding for research centers, impact assessment, strategies for publications, incentives and needs assessment, among others. Joining the Vice President were the Directors from the unit to include: Prof. Francis Albert Argente of the Research and Development Office; Dr. Larry Santos of the Extension Services Office, Dr. Catalina Platon of the Innovation Support Office and Dr. Gilbert Moralista of the Gender and Development Office. A tour of the Income Generating Projects and Auxiliary Services Office led by Dr. Narciso Castro and the Information, Communication and Technology Management Office led by Dr. Julius Mamaril, also ensued after the program. On the part of PRMSU, Dr. Janice Baysa, Director for Research and Publication, who led the 36 delegates, thanked PSU for the overwhelming support they received during their visit stressing that the benchmarking activity paved the way for insightful presentations, strong collaboration and positive acceptance for partnership programs. Led by University President Dr. Dexter R. Buted, PSU takes pride in having award-winning research works and innovation as gleaned from its continuous reaping of awards in the field. Pangasinan State University, an ASEAN premier educational hub, has been welcoming various universities and colleges to their physical benchmarking activities, subject to all health protocols, to foster education advancement for all. #TatakPSU