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The Pangasinan State University hosted a benchmarking activity on “Policies, Standards and Guidelines for Implementation of Flexible Learning for Tertiary Physical Education, Physical Activity Towards Health and Fitness (PATHFit) Courses” on April 19, 2022, with the University of Northern Philippines, held at the Audio-Visual Room in PSU Main Campus, Lingayen, Pangasinan.

The meeting of minds was warmly opened by Dr. Manolito C. Manuel, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. He started his message by thanking the UNP Delegates for visiting Pangasinan State University. Then, he ends by saying, “at the end of it all, it’s a two-way process where you learn, we learn, and together we move to be a better institution because of the meeting of minds that we have”.

Next was the presentation of PSU delegates by Dr. Romary R. Lincod, Director for NSTP, PE, and Sports Development Office, which includes Ms. Melanie B. Caronongan, University Head for Risk Management and Coordinator for NTP, PE, and Sports, and the PE faculty members of PSU Lingayen Campus headed by the Department Chair Dr. Arlene Kon-ek.

“Excited kami actually nung nagsabi kayo na kayo ay pupunta rito because for the first time po na mayroong magbebenchmark sa Physical Education, and we really are grateful”, greetings and appreciation uttered by Dr. Lincod as she introduced the representatives from the PE department.

As a counterpart, the University of Northern Philippines also gave its words of gratitude through Ms. Marie Graciel R. Balbuena, Head of the Physical Education Department. “Yung purpose po namin for coming here mainly is silipin po namin yung PATHFit. So, when we had our Zonal hearing and orientation sa Norte, it was announced na ang PSU, they are already using the PATHFit Curriculum.”, Ms. Balbuena mentioned. “We also would like to hear your activities to grab ideas and in return, if you’ll be coming to UNP, the same thing, we will be sharing with you anything you need”, she added.

Along with Ms. Balbuena were Mr. Joel M. Arruejo Head of Sports and Development Program, Mr. Chasen G. Almazan Head for Culture and Arts, and Mr. Mark Christian T. Palo PE Instructor.

The event ended with an open forum, sharing questions and ideas about improving their respective institutions.

Thus, the Pangasinan State University community will always be open to showing support for the success of other institutions by advocating interactive learning and sharing best management processes.