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A Rapid Rural Appraisal or Participatory Rural Appraisal activity was done in Day 1 to determine the immediate needs of the community. The Extension Services Coordinator Dr. Dorothy Joy S. Noble together with her team conducted site visitation and interview to the locals of the following Sitios (Malanumlanum, Andoo, Dingin, and Kawayan-Adu).

A Seminar on the Establishment of Moringa Plantation at Adopted Barangay cum Community

Pantry was done in Day 2. Sir Ronald R. Noma discussed about Organic Farming and Vermicomposting. Sir Domingo N. Mores then shared his experiences on Vermicomposting.

Ma’am Wilma S. Noble also discussed about the Benefits of Moringa. 

And just before the activity ends, the PSU-IC faculty and staff, and other donors shared their blessings through a Community Pantry.