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CHED-Unified Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education (CHED-UniFAST) Team visited Pangasinan State University on July 26, 2022 and provided an orientation to respective TES and TDP grantees via Zoom. The orientation was attended by Ms. Catherine Chan, Education Supervisor II, Project Staff Members: Ms. Janelle Petacio, Ms. Alexis Moira Dolores, Ms. Kristine Peralta and Mr. Patrick Joseph Dumuk, Prof. Celeste T. Mercado, Director of Student and Alumni Affairs, Mr. Rennie D. Martinez, Director of Accounting Services, Ms. Marina Ruby A. Sulipa, Lingayen Campus Accountant, 9 Campus Student Services Coordinators and the TES and TDP Grantees. An Open Forum was conducted to address the concerns of the grantees which was answered and verified directly by Ms. Alexis Moira Dolores and the whole team. Currently, a total of 7,393 PSUnian grantees enjoy the benefits of being a TES and TDP programs. #UniFAST