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Pangasinan State University is unstoppable in its journey for excellence and quality. It is for this reason that the University headed by our dynamic President, Dr. Dexter R. Buted ventures into several quality assurance tools and mechanisms which ensures excellence and optimum quality. Quality and excellence have become our University’s DNA which is indispensable in the creation of various programs that would merit not only our students but all members of the community. 

Dr. Dexter R. Buted during his privilege speech imparted that, “We should never go tired and weary of shelling out our talents and capabilities in realizing our vision. Our legacy to the next generation is our resolute commitment and hard work just to fulfill our sworn duties as public servants.”

The good President then encouraged all the University and Campus officials as well as the teaching and non-teaching personnel to continue working in unity and cooperation for the sole purpose of providing quality and excellent service to all our stakeholders. 

As the Executive Director of Lingayen Campus, Dr. Lorna Urbiztondo, added during the meeting, “So far, in our quest for excellence and quality, I have proven that unity, cooperation and collaboration are truly indispensable in achieving our goals and objectives.” 

In the same way, Dr. Marie Claire B. Briones, Director of the Open University Systems echoed her speech of appreciation and gratitude to all her colleagues as they work selflessly in ensuring everything is consummated.  Lastly, H.E. Luccock veritably confabulate that, “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” PSU’s fortitude in achieving the excellence is on no account centered to recognition, but, as a University who strives to reach its full potential, the different template for excellence will propel us to reach our vision to become an ASEAN Premier State University.