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Living up to its mantra ‘Embracing World Class Standards’, the Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University once again conducted a benchmarking activity at Pangasinan State University on May 09, 2023, at the Audiovisual Room PSU Main Campus.

The meeting of minds highlighted the Income Generating Projects of the university. Hence, Director for Income Generating Projects Dr. Narciso F. Castro kickstarted the activity by giving a heartfelt welcome to the DMMMSU delegates.

Moreover, the Director for Public Relations, Publication, and Information Office Prof. Venus May H. Sarmiento, along with the University Accountant Mr. Rennie D. Martinez, Income Generating Project Coordinator Lingayen Campus Mr. Lemuel M. Ventayen, and other university officials participated in welcoming and accommodating the delegates.

“Pangasinan State University is humbled to be visited by one of the distinguished universities in the region. May this benchmarking activity be valuable to all in attaining your university’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives”, Dr. Narciso stated.

The presentation of the best practices focused on the PSU Golden Lion Hotel, commercial building, rental of stall, hostels and smart towers, restaurant, cell site by telecom, uniforms and laces, fisheries, proceeds on rice and corn, and other income generating projects.

In addition, DMMMSU delegates toured PSU offices and the Golden Lion Hotel to have a first- hand experience of PSU’s amenities.

DMMMSU Director for Business Administration Office Prof. Melchor D. Salom, gave his response and appreciation to PSU for its warm welcome and hospitality.

Pangasinan State University President Dr. Elbert M. Galas later on met with the DMMMSU delegates where he shared the ingredients for success which include the culture of excellence and quality management.