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Strengthening its extension projects, the Pangasinan State University in collaboration with the College of Forestry and Natural Resources of University of the Philippines – Los Baños (UPLB), held a training-workshop on Participatory Rural Appraisal on May 12.

The said activity helped to capacitate PSU extensionist with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively engage local communities in the decision-making process, ensuring their active participation and contribution to rural development initiatives.

“With the help of this training workshop, PSUnians can identify and assess community needs and priorities, evaluate the feasibility of development activities and effectively monitor and evaluate their impact. It equips them with valuable insights to continuously re-adjust and fine-tune their program based on gathered information,” PSU President Dr. Elbert M. Galas said.

Through the Office of the Vice-President for Research, Extension, Innovation and Gender Development (REIGn), two simultaneous programs were conducted in the University.

The Vice-President for REIGn Division Dr. Razeale G. Resultay, together with the Director for Extension Services Dr. Armando D. Junio, led the training workshop on participatory rural appraisal at the De Venecia Information Technology Center – PSU Library participated in by REIGn centerheads and extension coordinators.

Prof. Feliza L. Malabayabas lent her expertise as a resource speaker during the said activity.
Simultaneously, the Director for Research Development Office Dr. Randy Joy Ventayen and the UPLB Research team conducted an orientation with the three pre-identified PSU faculty members who will serve as enumerators on the Value Chain Analysis (VCA) Bamboo Project.

The Pangasinan State University is dedicated to enhancing its extension services through the Inclusive Knowledge Expertise and Technology Transfer Program (IKET Project), as part of its unwavering commitment to uplift the community.