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Pangasinan State University welcomed 34 delegates from another neighboring academic institution – the University of Northern Philippines (UNP) for a benchmarking activity and forging of stronger bonds on March 7.

PSU President Dr. Elbert M. Galas, together with Dr. Dexter R. Buted, the Vice-President for Administration and Linkages and Dr. Marcelo Gutierrez, Jr., the Vice President for Quality Assurance, warmly met the Ilocos Sur-based institution led by its President Dr. Erwin F. Cadorna at the audio-visual room.

President Galas, who served as the former Director and Vice President for Quality Assurance, graciously shared the ‘secrets’ behind PSU’s accomplishments.

“PSU did not achieve all these accolades overnight. We faced many challenges and problems but we managed to triumph because of teamwork. As of now, we continue to embrace quality management,” Dr. Galas said.

Former PSU President Buted, who started the era of quality management for PSU, explained the meticulous steps that the university underwent.

“Number one thing to do is change the mindset and work culture of the employees. Set one goal and from there, everyone, from the top management to all employees, should be involved and work towards achieving the goal,” Dr. Buted explained.

Moreover, the meeting of minds served as an avenue to showcase the best practices on Quality Assurance (QA) as presented by Institutional Assessment and Accreditation Prof. William V. Cayetano; Institutional Accreditation (IA) as presented by Dr. Liza L. Quimson of San Carlos City Campus (Former CED of Bayambang Campus) and Research Director Dr. Randy Ventayen (former CED of Lingayen Campus)
Best practices for the Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA) were also presented by the former members of the technical working group Ms. Odessa Pacaul and Ms. Perla Malicdem
In response, UNP President Dr. Erwin Cadorna expressed his deepest gratitude towards the hospitality of PSU in accommodating their request and gaining overflowing information for the development of their institution.

In the afternoon, PSU hosted office visits and dialogues with area champions and parameter heads organized by Lingayen Campus Executive Director Dr. Renato Salcedo, pertaining to the accreditation and assessment programs.

Pangasinan State University, as the first educational institution to be conferred the most prestigious Philippine Quality Award Level III: Mastery in Quality Management, continuously opens and contributes to the growth of every institution that wishes to benchmark.