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π‘†β„Žπ‘œπ‘€π‘–π‘›π‘” 𝑆𝑒𝑝𝑑 15 π‘œπ‘›π‘€π‘Žπ‘Ÿπ‘‘ π‘Žπ‘‘ 30 𝑆𝑀 πΆπ‘–π‘›π‘’π‘šπ‘Žπ‘  π‘›π‘Žπ‘‘π‘–π‘œπ‘›π‘€π‘–π‘‘π‘’.

There is a pressing need to enhance the awareness of Filipino students regarding the significance of peace in nation building and to promote the rights of Indigenous Peoples. According to PASUC or the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges, the film The BLIND SOLDIERS is highly educational and can serve as a valuable resource for reaction papers and movie reviews in the areas of peace building, as well as indigenous peoples’ rights awareness.

The film, with a setting in rural Mindanao is a tribute and salute to the bravery and patriotism of the unsung heroes of World War II who were conscripted in the United States Armed Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) in 1941. Despite their lack of educational qualifications, these soldiers, who were young men surpassed expectations and were later recognized for their admirable leadership and sacrifices.

The film is selected by the Saskatchewan International Film Festival to be shown in Canada on October 14 at the Reels Attraction Theater, City of Humboldt, Saskatchewan.

The screening of the film is on September 15-19, 2023 in selected SM Cinemas nationwide in line with the objectives of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memorandum Order No.01, series of 2019, referred to as the Integration of Peace Studies/Education in the Relevant Higher Education Curricula”.

PASUC extends its unwavering support and actively encourages and invite members of the academic communities to watch THE BLIND SOLDIERS once it is released in movie theaters nationwide.

In response to the above-mentioned premises, the administration of Pangasinan State University firmly expresses its support THE BLIND SOLDIERS and shall encourage the students to watch it in selected SM Cinemas in Pangasinan and direct its faculty of process information, insights and learnings obtained from the movie in their respective classrooms.

The Blind Soldiers – Surrender is not an option is a must-watch movie that will bring you back to history and will give you a glimpse of the sacrifices, bravery and patriotism of our unsung heroes of World War 2. Also a “Finalist” at the Saskatchewan International Film Festival in Canada.